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Health check up

Health check-up

Au cours des soins de santé de la vie et des bilans de santé, le patient subit une série de tests et d’analyses qui varient selon l’âge, l’histoire, le sexe et le mode de vie.

Mutual health insurance

Mutual health insurance

A mutual health or complementary health insurance supplements the coverage of costs not reimbursed by the compulsory health insurance.

Dental Mutual Insurance

Dental Mutual Insurance

In a mutual dental insurance company, some ceramic crowns, many bridges and cores inlays benefit from a zero charge rest.

Complete check up

Complete check-up

During a complete check-up, many points are checked: measurements, blood samples, dental examination, classical medical examination…

What is the periodic health examination?

The social security system offers periodic review to all its insured persons. It is a medical appointment.

Its role is to give priority to prevention, detect pathologies and examine the state of health of the insured. This check-up is free of charge for the insured and their dependents. It is offered every 5 years.

Monitoring of illnesses

Improving treatments

Gel for the effective treatment of cancer radiotherapy

American researchers were able to develop an innovative product. It is a gel capable of improving the treatment of patients suffering from cancer.

Improving adherence to new treatments

In order to offer more effective solutions, drug manufacturers and digital experts are trying to improve the monitoring and taking of drugs.

Treatments to improve memory

Hormonal disorders, depression… are among the causes that can be treated. For Alzheimer’s disease, there are remedies that slightly improve the patient’s condition.

Emergency service

Emergency service

First aid: what are the basic gestures?

Lors d’un repas, lorsqu’un convive s’étouffe, il existe 2 techniques qui peuvent être pratiquées sur les adultes et les enfants de plus d’1 an. La première consiste à taper dans le dos en prenant soin de soulever la poitrine de la personne en difficulté. La deuxième technique consiste à faire une décompression abdominale. Ces deux tours peuvent être exécutés au maximum 5 fois. HEALTH E-COACH par exemple vous donnera plus de détails sur les services d’urgence.

Si une personne saigne, une pression doit être appliquée sur la plaie à l’aide des mains de la victime ou de ses propres mains, en prenant soin de se protéger. La personne blessée doit alors être invitée à s’allonger tout en maintenant la pression.

Medical equipment

Diagnostic equipment

Medical equipment for professionals

Among the equipment for health professionals, one can buy (or rent) equipment for the medical practice, medical diagnostic equipment, medical instruments, emergency equipment, protective equipment. As for home support equipment, it is divided into 5 sections: equipment for lying, sitting, walking, breathing and for assistance in carrying out daily activities alone.

Homeopathic treatment

How can homeopathy help me?

Managing stress through homeopathy

The advantage with homeopathy is that these treatments are non-addictive. These remedies guarantee useful solutions to stress and anxiety problems. Each symptom has its own medicine. Are you stressed? And no way to calm down? Try Homeogum lozenges as a homeopathic treatment which are effective from the first time you take them.

Who is homeopathy for?

Homeopathy is a solution for people who lose their means in stressful situations, who experience stomach pain in stressful situations, who suffer from insomnia… Homeopathic treatments can also anticipate the signs of anxiety in pregnant women, those who suffer from phobias such as fear of the dentist.

For what pathology?

As with allopathic medicine, homeopathy is a treatment that cannot cure everything. These treatments can cure acute pathologies, chronic or functional pathologies and developmental disorders in children. It is also used to take care of the health of people without their own pathology.

How to take homeopathic medicines?

Globules and granules are remedies that can be taken sublingually outside of the meal.

To take these medicines in doses or in tubes, simply let them melt under the tongue. If the globules are to be taken in one dose, the granules are usually taken in doses of 5 throughout the day.