Can I wear black obsidian to sleep?

black obsidian

There is countless restless sleep ranging from avoiding bright screen before bed to counting sheep and practising relaxation exercises.

Another great option that some people use is wearing crystal at night. There are several stones you can use to have a good night sleep, like obsidian.

You cannot get any scientific evidence that supports using crystals for sleep. However, energy proponents strongly believe that stones in your bedroom or wearing one before going to sleep could help many have a peaceful and decent night‘s rest.

According to many vibrational medicine experts, crystal‘s ancient healing properties are from the natural world. The earth is full of minerals that have potent and specific healing, fortifying and balancing abilities. The vibrational patterning of the natural stones receives, amplifies and transmits energy to other bodies.

Although there is no scientific evidence that natural stones can transmit energy to other bodies, many people believe that they have potential benefits to the well-being of a person, like improving sleeping patterns.

Can black obsidian be used to sleep?

The answer is yes; in fact, wear it daily. This type of natural stone possesses some energy that can help you when sleeping by improving your patterns. The original color is black, but iron oxide (haematite) adds to the brown and red varieties. The presence of tiny gas bubbles results in a golden sheen color.

This stone is strong enough to withstand huge blasts since it is forged in the earth‘s fire. It is glassy like hence instead of being tough, it is brittle (shatter easily). However, this gives the stone the greatest strength that early humans utilised well.

There is no proof that this jewellery will help you have a peaceful sleep, but most people who have used it believe the stone has some energy necessary to enhance sleep. Therefore, wearing this stones before going to be or putting it in your bedroom will improve your sleeping pattern greatly.

When using this black stone, you need to learn different ways of activating it for great results. If you feel your stone is heavier than expected, then you need a little energetic activation. There are several ways you can activate your black natural stone that include:

• Sending vital life force energy by breathing to it
• Speaking to it
• Singing to it

This stone is believed to be the most powerful protector and healer. Many people who know of its existence will use it in different ways but still get the most out of it. It is an extrusive igneous rock meaning it was formed by the erupted magma out of a volcano. If this rock was an igneous rock formed underground, then it would have the name intrusive rock.

How to wear this stone

When it comes to wearing this stone, you need to make sure it is the right way to benefit fully from it. First, ensure that the stone of activated; if not, you can use either of the above activation methods to make it active. After activating your jewellery, ensure that it is cleansed to ensure a constant flow of energy.

You can use simple clan water for cleansing. You can leave it in the sun for further cleansing and activation.

There are several places you can wear this stone jewellery to make it effective over the night. You can make this tone into a bracelet, earring or necklace to diversify its wearing areas. The left is considered the side that attracts and activates the gem to provide divine health and peace at night. However, there are different believes on the right side to wear gemstones to get a perfect sleep. Some masters believe that it is good to wear this stone where you feel the most comfortable. Therefore, you will maintain your joy, peace and gratitude energy when you are sleeping, which will result in a wonderful night.

Wearing this gem on your left hand will only enhance its protective power and cleanse every corner of your energetic space. Wearing a natural stone on the left hand is believed to attract good wealth and luck. Therefore, keeping a piece of this natural gem close will guarantee a calm and good sleep.

Benefits if wearing some this gemstone in a bracelet

Humans live by faith, and Mother Nature provides what is necessary to keeps people going on with their daily activities. Since this gem is formed from different powerful natural forces, it is believed to possess great benefit to people who wear it.

Protection and cleanse negative energies.

It is believed that when you wear this black stone correctly on the left hand, it has very powerful mental and physical properties. This stone's metaphysical properties can shield you from any negative energy at any time of the day and night.

EMF protection

There are great electromagnetic forces around you every day and night. From working on your PC to WhatsApping and playing video games, you are in the middle of EMF even when sleeping. Wearing gems will protect you from the effects of this energies.

I have learned from years of experience that these natural stones emit powerful orgone energy that will protect you from EMF radiation.

Stress reduction

This stone works by balancing your energies hence reducing stress at great levels. Sleeping with less negative energies around you will result in a perfect sleep, thanks to Mother Nature for providing this wonderful stone.

This precious gem will help you respond more and react less to different situations. Therefore, your day will be free from arguments; hence you will enjoy your night as well since your emotional banks are at peace. You will have better thoughts and emotional control at any time of the day.

Having balanced thoughts will make you less prone to illness. In case of any disease attack, you will heal faster since this precious mineral enhances your self-healing.

Provide psychic protection

You will encounter some psychic smog or cloud within and around your aura. This will make sleeping hard sometimes. This stone is said to be effective and powerful in providing cleansing and protection of your aura.

Ways of using crystals for sleep

There are several ways you can use this gems to enhance your sleep.

In the bedroom

Keeping this stone near you when sleeping in bed will provide many benefits. You can use crystal grids when you have a particular intention. You should know that different stones have different energy qualities. A stone like the above mentioned is strong to offer both wealth and health.

You can fix your natural stones in different parts of your bedroom to make maximum use of the benefits it offers.

Under the mattress

Placing this gemstone underneath your pillow and mattress could help you in having a peaceful sleep. It is recommended to place black obsidians at every corner of the mattress or bed to promote balance.

On the body

It is recommended to use a three crystal grid if you want to use it on your body to promote sleep. Make sure it is activated using any suitable activation method you know to ensure you benefit fully. Also, you need to practice gratitude for your crystals when you place them on your body to allow an open and free heart hence a peaceful night.

In the bath

One of the greatest ways of relaxing before going to be is taking a bath. It is more effective when you combine it with this crystal before sleeping. You can wear this gemstone when taking a bath before going to sleep to surround yourself with love and peace of mind.

Properties of this stone

Similar to other red, black and brownstones, this natural gemstone is mostly used for grounding. It can be used in feeling present, getting centered, clearing energy, connecting to our body and earth.

Snowflake obsidians are a mixture of white and black, and it is well known for reminding humans to be balanced all the time regardless of what you are balancing.

Take away

Many people believe in the existence and use of natural stones. Proponents have faith in placing gemstones in the bedroom or wearing one on your body to have good health and wealth. You can choose to place your gems close, like under the pillow or the corners of your bed, to promote good sleep if you cannot wear them.

You need to know that every gemstone is suitable for a bed. Wearing this natural mineral when going to sleep will enhance your sleeping pattern.

Taking care of this stone is very easy since it is made of stone (natural glass). You can use water to polish through with an option of soap. Before using it, ensure you let it sun dry to avoid fading.

Even though there is no proof and scientific research that proves this natural stones help in sleep either when worn or in the bedroom, there is no harm in trying. Don’t mistake natural stones with medical care!

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