The 10 vitamins and minerals essential to our body

When an individual has a health problem, doctors often advise them to eat foods rich in vitamin C, and sometimes vitamin D. In particular, it is always necessary to give preference to vegetables and fruit in daily life. But many people still ask themselves: which vitamins are the most essential for every human body? Indeed, your body does not only need vitamins C and D, to be in good health, it also needs other vitamins: vitamins E, B vitamins, etc, which are found in specific foods.

Why is vitamin C the most recommended by doctors?

In fact, vitamin C plays a fairly important role in the proper functioning of the human body. It is responsible for protecting the blood circulation, it also plays a role in the fight against toxic substances that humans can consume in a day. Toxic substances can be found in chemicals. If you are a person who has heart problems, or who often has stomach problems, eat colourful fruits and vegetables from time to time. Peppers, red fruits, etc. are best.

Vitamin D: what are its roles on the human body?

The role of vitamin D is to protect and preserve the bones and even the joints. It can also prevent infections and cancer. There are many foods rich in vitamin D: fish, eggs, etc. Note that it is also found in the sun. That said, everyone should expose themselves to the sun from time to time. Normally, if you take at least 10 minutes of sunbathing a day, it's already better. During the winter season, it is preferable to take supplements that enhance vitamin D.

Other minerals and vitamins that are essential for your health

Your body also needs other minerals such as calcium, vitamin B and vitamin E.  However, you need to know how to balance your intake.  For a person who wants to maintain their health, vitamin E is the best choice. For those who have trouble sleeping, it is necessary to take B vitamins.  As for calcium, it plays a primordial role, it ensures the proper functioning of the entire human body. It is found more specifically in green vegetables and almonds.
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In what forms can you take vitamins to supplement your diet?

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